The Sketch Co. by Ruud

A story about why The Sketch Co. was created

Ruud Otten is a sketch and watercolour artist from The Netherlands.  He has been drawing almost his entire life.

Ruud has founded the national Urban Sketchers Netherlands group and was co-organiser of the International Urban Sketchers Symposium 2019 in Amsterdam.

The Sketch Co. was created by Ruud to serve as a wide platform for urban sketching and other drawing activities.

Ruud believes that  anyone on any budget  should have access to the art of sketching and free resources to improve their sketching skills

That’s why Ruud started the free online course called The Never Ending Workshop as a key part of The Sketch Co. website.

The Sketch Co. by Ruud offers:

Online sketch lectures

On-location workshops

Social media posts about sketching

A blog about urban sketching and more

Social media posts about handmade paints