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Finally Urban Sketchers Maastricht were able to meet again for the first time after the partial lockdown. Yesterday the group met at Frontenpark in Maastricht: a peaceful park with city nature and parts of the old city walls.

We planned to have the National Sketch Weekend at Maastricht this weekend, but the big event had to be canceled. This was a nice ‘second best’. I was happy to see my fellow sketchers again after so many months. And my little colourful bug friend was happy to see me as well…

This friend joined me for at least 15 minutes when I was sketching
My friend…
…watching my sketch
My first sketch of the day: het Knokenhuisje (the Bonehouse) as the locals called it, according to fellow sketcher Ber.

My second sketch of an abandoned industrial building at Lage Fronten

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