Mini Sketchr Watercolor Palette Set (1st generation)


Compact and lightweight palette set for watercolor paints. This palette set contains:

  • two palettes with 16 wells in total (extra palettes can be ordered separately)
  • one water container that can be attached to the sides of the metal tin
  • metal tin case with white coating (the inside of the lid is white too, so it can be used as a mixing area)
  • mini viewfinder
  • magnetic clip to attach the tin case to your sketchbook
  • directly from the creator

Materials: metal and recycled PETG

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The recycled PETG parts are 3D printed in my studio in the south of The Netherlands. The brand label on the tin is laser etched which gives it a nice finish. With the Mini Sketchr you have your watercolor paints in your pocket, wherever your urban sketching and watercolor adventures may take you.

If you like to paint with real watercolor brushes then a water container is essential which is included in this tiny palette. The water container can be clipped to each side of the palette! You can order extra white paint palettes separately, so you can fill them with even more watercolors for different occasions and seasons.

Size of the metal tin box is only (length x width x height):
72 mm x 72 mm x 23 mm
2.8 inch x 2.8 inch x 0.9 inch

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