In October I wrote part 1 about our visit to the windmills of Zaanse Schans. I planned to write this second part of the ‘homage’ sooner, but I just did not find the time, working on some projects.

Verfmolen ‘De Kat’

After visiting the paint mill, Roger and I did a couple of sketches that day. The first one we did in between rain showers. We sketched from the cover of sawmill ‘Het Jonge Schaap’. Our subject was the neighbouring oil mill ‘De Zoeker’.

My Sketch of oil mill ‘De Zoeker’.

For the second sketch we decided to drive to Breukelen, hoping that the weather would be better there. We found a dry spot at Molenwerf in Breukelen en decided to sketch two random houses.

Molenwerf, Breukelen. I found some good use for my Nordic Shadow in the sky, mixed with Ultramarine Blue Dark.

We concluded the day with a nice meal in the centre of Breukelen before my two hours drive back home.

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