Urban sketching is gaining popularity each day, but along with it come several myths that can deter or mislead newcomers. I will go through some of these misconceptions and reveal the real story.
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Myth 1: You Can Only Sketch in Cities

The Real Story:

Contrary to the name, “urban sketching” doesn’t mean you can only sketch in urban environments. Whether you’re in a small town, a rural area, or even inside your own home, you can engage in urban sketching. The essence of this practice is capturing what you see, often in a quick and immediate manner, no matter where you are.

Myth 2: You Have to Be a Trained Artist

The Real Story:

Some might think you need formal art training to engage in urban sketching, but that’s not the case. The joy of urban sketching comes from the act of observing and capturing your surroundings, not from creating a photorealistic drawing or a masterpiece.

Myth 3: You Need Fancy, Expensive Tools

The Real Story:

Some might argue that you need high-end materials to be an urban sketcher, but you can start with just a pencil or pen and any piece of paper. As you get more comfortable with the practice, you might want to invest in better tools, but the core of urban sketching is the joy of drawing, not the materials you use.

Myth 4: You Must Get Every Little Detail Right

The Real Story:

If you think you have to capture every tiny detail in your sketches, think again. Urban sketching is more about capturing the atmosphere and the essence of a scene than creating a highly detailed drawing. Simplification isn’t just okay—it’s encouraged.

Myth 5: It Takes Too Much Time

The Real Story:

Some people avoid urban sketching because they think it’s time-consuming. In reality, some sketches can be completed in just a few minutes. The aim is to capture a scene or moment quickly, though you’re welcome to spend more time if you wish.

Myth 6: It’s Better to Sketch Alone

The Real Story:

While some enjoy the solitude of sketching alone, many find that sketching in a group can be equally rewarding. Group sketching events, often called “sketch crawls,” provide community, inspiration, and the exchange of techniques and ideas.

Myth 7: It’s Not “Real” Art

The Real Story:

There’s a misconception that urban sketching isn’t “serious” art. But many artists use urban sketching as a foundational practice for larger works. Whether you pursue it as a hobby or incorporate it into a broader artistic practice, urban sketching is a meaningful form of self-expression.

Myth 8: You Should Only Sketch Pretty Scenes

The Real Story:

Urban sketching is about capturing life as it is, not just the beautiful parts. Forgotten corners, decaying buildings, or simple everyday scenes are just as worthy of your attention.

Myth 9: Urban Sketching Is Only for Travelers

The Real Story:

While it’s true that many urban sketchers love to capture scenes when they travel, this form of art is not limited to those on the move. You can find countless subjects to sketch in your local community or even within the walls of your home. It’s about capturing your immediate environment, wherever that may be.

Myth 10: It’s Only for Relaxation, Not for Skill Development

The Real Story:

Many think of urban sketching as a way to relax, and it certainly can be, but it’s also an excellent way to hone your skills. The practice of quick drawing sharpens your ability to observe and interpret what you see, improving your skills over time.

Conclusion: Your Sketchbook Awaits

There you have it, a comprehensive look at some myths surrounding urban sketching. I hope that by debunking these myths, you will feel empowered to pick up a drawing tool and engage in this rewarding practice. So go ahead, grab your pencil, pen, your paints or even a piece of charcoal, and start capturing the world as you see it.

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