I hope you are doing well. What a year it has been since I launched the first lesson of The Never Ending Workshop. In the past 365 days over 3,000 sketchers from all over the world have joined the online sketch workshop. The workshop contains 14 lectures now. Many of you have shared the sketches they created when watching the lecture videos.

Reading your feedback in the lecture comments and on social media has been such a pleasure. It is so satisfying seeing so many sketchers finding a new way to spark their creativity or even start sketching for the first time. You have contributed to The Never Ending Workshop going way beyond my expectations.

We all have our own culture and background and have one beautiful thing in common: we love to sketch and have a story to tell. Sketching enables us to relax, to observe better, to connect with other people, discover each other’s cultures and the places we live and to understand that there are often many sides to a story. Many of you have shared with me the moment that they did their first sketch on location or even shared their first sketch ever. I have seen how many are developing their own style. It is my pleasure to contribute just a tiny bit to anyone on any budget to develop the creative habit of drawing and urban sketching. I hope to be able to continue to add lectures to the workshop for many years to come.

The past months I have been focussing on my own sketching, developing on-location workshops and a new adventure which I will share in September. All this has distracted me a bit from publishing new lectures for The Never Ending Workshop. I hope you stay tuned for new lectures later this year. If you haven’t finished all lectures yet, you have still time to catch up.

Stay safe and happy sketching,

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